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What is special about Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is an outstanding fighting philosophy, mostly known by the name “Thai boxing”. It is not just a fight, but a separate worldview. It has special postulates that must be followed. Schools in Thailand pay as much attention to them as to the fighting technique itself. The rituals are based on Buddhism and mixed with local beliefs of Thailand.

What’s the difference – Muay Thai and Thai boxing?

According to the general opinion, these two concepts are identical. And the answer to the question about their identity is quite doubtful since they are really similar. But if you make more profound research, then it turns out that there are still distinctions.
So, what is Muay Thai? It’s a national martial art, mainly known for practicing in Thailand. If you translate its name from Sanskrit, then it means a duel of the free, or as it is called otherwise – a free fight. It combines both Muay Boran and elements of Krabi Krabong.

Tournaments in this discipline are usually organized in three categories: amateur boxers, professional amateurs, Muay Boran professionals. During the fights, it is obligatory to perform the ritual dance and other ceremonial elements. Fights are held to music that sets the mood and sets the rhythm.
All high-level fights are held under the auspices of the WMF, which is represented in more than 70 countries.

Then what is Thai boxing?

It is considered to be a modern name of Muay Thai. In Thailand people consider it a pro-Western discipline. At its core, it is very close to kickboxing.

Why don’t the representatives of the kingdom consider it theirs if it’s just a version of Muay Thai? It’s all about the simplified rules of the tournaments.

They do not provide for the traditional ritual dance and other ceremonials. Here, although music sounds, it is not alive, but just a phonogram. Muay Thai is not only a combat discipline, but it’s a separate philosophy. And according to many opinions, Thai boxing does not carry any cultural values ​​of the country whose name it bears.

Thai boxing does not have its own integral federation. Tournaments are held under the auspices of various organizations – ISKA, IFMA, WKC and others. Often, they are united with kickboxing federations. It depends on the specific country and the patrons of the sport who are ready to allocate money for its development. World competitions usually take place not in Thailand, but in different countries.

Despite the existing differences, these disciplines are still the same sport. For a person who does not plan to comprehend the heights of Olympus, or, to be more precise, to enter the world championships, these differences are not so important. In addition, no one has canceled the “migration” of pro fighters between associations.