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Features of Muay Thai as martial arts

Thailand’s time-honored martial art, Muay Thai, is widely known for its incredible power, spectacle, and simplicity. This is not only a sport but also a whole philosophy with its own traditions, laws, and honor rules. It was originally a compulsory discipline for armed forces and members of the ruling family. Fights were an inevitable part of the major holidays, as well as major fairs.
Now it is the most famous combat discipline practiced by many amateurs in the world, as it is a full-body workout developing energy and strength, as well as strengthening the cardiac system.

Its main advantage is the strength that is gained during training (athletes learn how to strike themselves, in which many muscle groups are involved, and to resist the blows of the enemy without harm to health.

Why is it so admired in Thailand?

The national sport, which has been developing in Thailand for centuries, has long deserved people’s love. Fighters who have achieved outstanding success have been encouraged since ancient times, including royal awards.
Also, the reason is money. Ring fights pay well. This is a unique chance for men from all over the country, even its most remote regions, not just to get out of poverty, but to achieve real success.

It is for this reason boys are sent to Thai boxing at the age of 3, at 5 they participate in tournaments. And to see an eight-year-old fighter practicing techniques on an equal basis with adults is the norm. Each entry into the ring brings prize money. And the prize fund of reputable boxing evenings reaches six-figure sums.

How to practice Muay Thai in Thailand?

Muay Thai is open in Thailand for each and every person. Moreover, it is accessible in several formats at once. Adherents of a beach holiday should at least once attend a boxing evening with the participation of local boxers.
The second format is for those who want to try Muay Thai for themselves. Numerous schools are located in all corners of the kingdom. Each of them has programs for beginners. Training is conducted twice a day. But, if you want to combine classes with relaxation, you can attend only in the morning.

The third format is for professionals. There are various camps on the islands, focused not only on foreigners but also on titled local fighters. When choosing a camp, special attention should be paid to the master, as well as his pupils. The second indicator is even more significant. After all, not every titled boxer is able to raise champions. Most of these schools, in addition to classes, also offer accommodation. You can sign up there in advance, while at home, or while in Thailand, coming directly to the camp.