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 Muai Thai boxing is for those who are seeking equal amounts of balance, strength, peace, and determination

Nowadays we have grown to value the importance of our physical body through the years of hatred and failures. We are willing to spend more time researching the ingredients of products, follow strict diets and busy schedules, allow ourselves to experiment with clothes and hobbies. We start to love ourselves.

Here we offer you a great opportunity to take the relationship with yourself to another level and introduce you to an art of Muay Thai which, through rigorous commitment and consistency, will unfold your greatest potential, help you to obtain the body of not just your dreams but the dreams of thousand others, significantly reduce stress and build an unshakable mental fortitude. We want to help you to stay connected with a warrior inside you by strengthening your mind and building your character.

 History of Muai Thai in Thailand

Muai Thai, or the “Art of 8 limbs”, is Thailand’s national sport. It originated in the 13th century when the first army was created to defend the Sukhothai Kingdom. Soldiers were taught both armed and unarmed combat. Today it has become greatly popular all around the world and people of different cultures and backgrounds get to know an ancient combat technique respectfully incorporating a modern twist into it (like boxing gloves, for example). And even though the evolution is irreversible, Muay Thai still emphasizes the importance of tradition and continues to accompany the fight with the pre-fight dance ritual, Sarama music and the head dress. The 8 – point contact that includes punches, elbows, knees, and kicks has allowed Muay Thai to become one of the most effective stand-up striking arts.

 Muay Thai training practice

It is well known that Muay Thai helps tremendously with losing weight and body sculpting. The training involves a vigorous one to two hours full-body workout that uses a variety of physical activity such as jumping rope, tire jumps, running, shadowboxing, kickboxing and many other challenging but fun routines. Because of the intensity and different muscle group involvement one can easily burn about 1000-1200 calories per workout!

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Muay Thai demands lots of stamina, that is why it is crucial to include cardio exercises in your warm-up game. These can be jogging, running, swimming, rowing, as long as you are putting your best efforts, more often breaking into sweat than not. It requires a mature self-discipline and bold honesty to train like a warrior even when there is no likelihood of danger and/or audience.

Punching and moving around the ring or punching bag engages many leg muscles and it would only be wise to add well-known to majority leg exercises such as: squats, lunges, burpees, box jumps etc.

Stretching that may sometimes be overlooked in many sports, brings many important benefits, and must not be ignored by Muay Thai students. By becoming more flexible, limber, expansive, there are less chances to be defeated, both physically and metaphorically. There are also less chances of unpleasant muscle injuries.

The holistic approach that Muay Thai takes, teaches to use Mind equilibrium before reaching for the potential of your physical body. A wise warrior will focus their attention on the technique more than simply beating the dust off the heavy bag. It is highly recommended to train with a professional with a deeper understanding who will guide you with integrity and prevent you from harming yourself, both physically and mentally, through the training process. It is also advised to become a part of the Muay Thai community where you can feel comfortable to ask questions and receive help, surround yourself with other warriors who will encourage you to improve and motivate to sustain a healthy competitiveness in you.

Most importantly, find your reason “why” and stick to commitment and determination.

  Benefits of Muay Thai boxing

Besides the idea of a strong and lean body, Muay Thai boxing offers a list of benefits that deliver long-term results. Some of the most important are:

  • Self-defense

In a modern world, where the concept of privacy has forever been transformed, it has become much easier to attack, both physically and verbally, often without taking any accountability for it. Muay Thai, originating from the military type of combat, was designed to inflict pain to the enemy while protecting one from being harmed.

  • Mental strength

Many of us have experienced thoose moments, when facing fear, your legs start to feel like cotton candy and you can’t move anymore, you can’t run, kick, at times you can’t even scream. All the months you have been working out at the gym building your muscle seem to be as useless as chemistry classes in school. Muay Thai pays an acute attention to the development of Mind strength to face uncertainty and adversity with a greater grace and perseverance.

  • Self-confidence

Some say your vibe attracts your tribe. There is no better feeling than knowing you’re living your own Life and not someone else’s. To have such certainty, one must understand themselves. To understand yourself one should not be scared to be vulnerable. And not to feel vulnerable, one must cultivate self-confidence as a tool for manifesting one’s greatest potential. Muay Thai will boost your confidence level by making you stronger, both mentally and physically.

  • Endorphin Rush

Endorphins are chemicals produced by the nervous system to cope with stress and pain and can sometimes leave you with a feeling of euphoria. Studies and personal experiences have proven how an intensive exercise may be a cause for an endorphin rush which guarantees to maintain a sense of comfort and well-being for a while. And after two hours of Muay Thai combat training you will come back to reality happy as a child, but strong as a warrior.